Top Things to Look For in a Vancouver Metal Fabrication Company

Depending on the specializations, priorities, and extent of business, Vancouver metal fabrication companies provide various types services based on their customers needs and to meet their business objectives.

If you research the growing market of metal fabrication, you will find a host of quality Vancouver metal fabrication companies and each of them is specialized in a number of particular services. If you have a project in mind, let’s explore a few indispensable factors that will help you to hire the proper metal fabrication company suitable for your custom fabrication needs.


Fabrication is a trade where experience matters. The essential background information and the type of projects the company has completed previously can help you decide on their expertise and fields of specialization. Their work experience similar to your upcoming project can be very useful to shortlist the company.  Also helpful would be to ask any companies you are considering hiring about their knowledge and experience about industry codes and regulations.  As well, it’s a good idea to ask for references to find out what other clients are saying in regards to the skills and quality of services the company in question had offered previously.

Quality of Work

The most evident and reasonable factor to consider while making the hiring decision is the quality of work the metal fabrication company provides. Evaluation of certifications and their commitment to following quality standards and specifications can help you to get a firm idea of their ability to deliver quality work in all aspects of your project.


The size of workforce is another factor that determines the capability of a metal fabrication company to finish the project in a timely fashion. If the workforce is not large enough to deal with a large project, it can have an impact on both budget and production time. When looking at a workforce, the trades people should be highly skilled and everyone in the team are qualified and adept at what is required to serve your project needs.


Regardless of the size of your fabrication project, you are likely to have multiple quotations from several Vancouver metal fabrication companies. After shortlisting the companies relevant to your project, you need to make sure that the pricings of the shortlisted companies are consistent with the others in the market. The company you are going to hire should have a reflection of skills and quality of works through their past projects. Every single detail should be included in the estimate to ensure that the shortlisted company is not hiding any cost that may pop out during the project.


It’s not just the initial construction that will complete the needs of your projects, you will need a company that also specializes in blasting, painting, and finishing.  A good question to ask is whether the fabrication company subcontracts for the finishing job. This is not the idea scenario as you might not be able to find out their level of quality of work and standards.  Having your project completed by a single company is the ideal scenario as it will significantly save time, money and improve quality.


The metal fabrication company that has the most advanced tools and up-to-date technology is likely to improve the quality of fabrication works and speed up the project. Be sure to check out the resources of the company before making the final decision.


Evaluate the facility and resources of the metal fabrication company to make sure that they can handle your project comfortably and effectively. If their facilities are not up to the standard, handling a big project can be a real challenge to them and it may bring about uncertainty in time, cost and quality of the project.

An imprecise decision of hiring the wrong metal fabrication company for your next project may bring you back to the initial stage on the timeline and increase the budget unnecessarily. Asking the right questions can narrow down the shortlist, and circle the right company you are looking for to serve your project needs.

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