Vancouver Mobile Welding Services

Whether you are contractor, commercial business owner or residential home owner, the need for mobile welding services can arise. Whatever your needs are, it is important to understand what mobile welding services are and what you should look for when hiring a Vancouver mobile welding company.

What is Vancouver Mobile Welding?

Mobile welding brings traditional in-shop welding services to the location of your project.  Service vehicles are equipped with welding and fabrication equipment making the vehicle a full service mobile welding shop. Mobility enables a fast, convenient, efficient level of work.  When you hire the services of a mobile welder, the work being done is completed on the spot, giving full attention to your project by a certified welder.

Mobile welding is an ideal service for projects where there is a lack of welding equipment, expertise by the owner or when things needing welding cannot be moved, easily transported or require assembly on-site.

Projects that benefit from using mobile welding services include:

Contractors and construction of commercial and residential projects for erecting steel structures
Fence and gate repairs
Structural welding
Industrial welding
Heavy equipment repair
Railing and platform repair
Marine equipment and boats

Ship Cradle Mobile Welding Services Vancouver

What to Consider When Hiring a Mobile Welder

Finding an expert who provides Vancouver mobile welding services is key to having your project completed to high standards and achieving exceptional results. Before hiring a mobile welding services company consider the following:

What qualifications does the company have?

Due diligence is necessary to determine if a mobile welding company has the necessary certifications and insurance in place.  Welder certifications ensure that work will be completed safely and meets standards.  Qualifications also ensure that the welder is qualified to perform the work.

Does the company have a shop?

While hiring a mobile welding company provides the service of mobile welding, there may be some instances where some components of the work will be required to be done with equipment at a shop.  If this is the case, it’s best to check that the welding company you hire can cope with different scenarios should the need to work from a fully equipped shop arise.

Previous Experience?

Knowledge in the industry as well as relevant work experience goes a long way.  Specifically, you should find out if the mobile welding company has experience with working on similar projects to what you have in mind as well has worked with the same material being used in your project. Due to the fact that different equipment, knowledge and techniques are required for working with different materials it’s a good idea to confirm the relevant experience.

Client Testimonials and Completed Projects

If a mobile welding company has examples of completed projects or client testimonials it is recommended to review this.  Testimonials and completed client projects provides credibility for the mobile welding companies work and overall experience of working with them.

With over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, our company JFC Steel Ltd. uses state-of-the-art technology and offers comprehensive and a diverse range of services. We provide mobile welders that are fully equipped to provide on-site services for residential, commercial, marine or industrial projects.  Should your project require mobile welding services in Vancouver, North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, please contact us and we would be happy to answer all your questions or provide a quote.