What is Steel Fabrication in Vancouver, BC?

JFC Steel Ltd., a Vancouver steel fabrication company provides insight as to how steel and fabrication plays an important role in everyday conveniences and across all industries.

A wide variety of items that we come across daily are made of steel. Everything from sinks, pans, flatware, appliances, vehicles, railings, elevators, cables and buildings just to name a few. You may not realize just how frequently you see the result of steel fabrication in your everyday life. With so many things made from this metal, have you ever wondered what steel is and what the general process is for making steel products?

What is Steel?

Steel is hard, strong, gray or bluish-gray alloy of carbon and iron and is one of the most common and useful metals.  Steel is strong, versatile, durable, sterile, recyclable, malleable, fusible, and ductile.  Due to its’ desirable characteristics, various forms and and properties, it meets a wide range of applications.  Steel is used extensively for products across all industries for uses including dental tools, household appliances, automobiles, building infrastructure and construction materials.

Ship Cradle Vancouver Steel Fabrication

Vancouver Steel Fabrication Explained

Steel fabrication in Vancouver is the process of building metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes.  It involves taking pieces of metal and attaching them together to achieve a desired shape.  This process can be challenging and requires a highly skilled and experienced technician.  

At JFC Steel Ltd., before we begin any fabrication project we first determine the design and specifications of the end product that is being made.  Clients can either provide us with their plans or we will draw up plans for them. Once the details of the project are known including exact measurements we are then able to determine the steps required for fabrication.

Raw materials are next gathered – which may include pre-shaped pipes, flat plates and channels and other forms.  The fabrication is done using heat and pressure for the procedure of melting down the metals by subjecting them to extremely high temperatures.   As the materials are being fitted and together, careful consideration is taken as how the parts will be secured in their proper position to prevent distortion or warping. Throughout the process, inspection is frequently done to confirm that the product is meeting the specifications of the plans, any codes and is defect free.

If the product meets the specifications the finishing process can begin.  The finishing process may include the product being powder coated, painted, plated or have another process done to it to prevent corrosion.

Regardless of the type of end product being created, at JFC Steel, every product we create is custom created to meet our clients specifications. Everything from steel railings, residential fences, commercial balconies to marine ship cradles.

If you have an idea or any questions for a Vancouver steel fabrication project be sure to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss them with you.