What is Vancouver Custom Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication in Vancouver is a general term that refers to any process involving the cutting, shaping and assembling of metal materials into a final end product.

Often stock metal components can be used for common industrial operations however, if there is a need for metal products that require exact specifications then custom metal fabrication will be done. Most metal fabricators offer design and production support for custom metal fabrication works to deliver modified products in a wide range of materials, shapes and dimensions.

In all phases of the product development process, custom metal fabrication services provide a flexible solution to an industry that may require a complete development of a metal product from design to finishing, or assistance in an assembling project. The custom services that a typical Vancouver metal fabrication company offers are discussed briefly in the following sections.

Custom Design Services

Custom design services include the conceptualization, building, or breakdown of precise components or product specifications. Extensive design and planning is a requisite for the manufacturing of a unique metal product. Lack of attention in the preparation phase may bring about unfitting dimensions, structural faults, and result in an undesirable impact that may impair the quality. You may want to consider a few design services to get an optimum output for your product development.

When you have either a general or specific idea about the structural features and the final look of your metal product, conceptualization assistance will help you to define the precise dimensional and materials standards for the accomplishment of your project. CAD-programs will help to generate a simulated 3D model of your metal product.  The CAD design can be of great importance to determine the potential structural deficiency before the actual production.

Custom Build Services

Custom build services deal with the actual building of the metal product. Once your product has been designed, the next step is to proceed to the manufacturing process. Selecting the appropriate fabrication method for your project is largely dependent on the geometrical configuration, functional role, and the quality of materials in the final product. A few of the general processes that custom build services include casting, drawing, forging, extrusion, punching, welding, drilling, milling and turning.

Custom Finishing and Assembly Services

Custom finishing and assembly services involve improving the quality of product through various post-fabrication treatments. Secondary finishing treatments may be necessary for some custom metal products to accomplish the exact design specifications. For some productions, you may need the assembly services that combines two or more parts in a systematic way to finalize a single functional metal product. Adhesive bonding, grinding, bolting, deburring, screwing, riveting, sawing and painting are some of the most common secondary finishing treatments included in the custom finishing and assembly services.

A wide range of commonly used metals associated with their alloys are used as the raw materials for the custom metal fabrication works. The most commonly used metal types for custom fabrication are aluminum, copper, brass, iron, gold, nickel, silver, tin, titanium and different grades of steel. Among many other industries such as automotive, construction, medical, mining, electronic and security, custom metal fabrication has been prominent in the architectural design, home decoration, restaurant and kitchen customization as well.

Custom metal fabrication is a very elaborate process. When your project needs custom-made metal products, always look for the metal fabricator that has hands-on experience on this custom fabrication field with so many capabilities to demonstrate. This will help you to keep time, costs and hassle down to a minimum.

If you have a custom project in mind or questions about the process of custom fabrication services in Vancouver, be sure to contact us!